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Research Article  |   Volume 3, Issue 1 DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6510

A Contrastive Analysis of Gd5(Six Ge1-x) Based Alloys Useful for Magnetic Refrigeration

Khurram S Khattak and Edward Della Torre

This paper presents a contrastive analysis of Gd5(SixGe1-x)4 family and it's alloys magnetic refrigeration perspective. A literature survey has been conducted and to the best of authors knowledge all samples (~100 samples) with their TC (Curie temperature) in the range of 260 K-340 K been reported. For contrastive analysis samples have been grouped based on their structural and experimental conditions e.g. magnetic field, sample composition etc, and missing MCE (Magnetocaloric Effect) values calculated where possible.

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Research Article  |   Volume 3, Issue 1 DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6509

Quantum Entanglement of Magnons Confined in Multilayered Co/Pd Ferromagnets

Chidubem A Nwokoye, Abid Siddique, Lawrence H Bennett and Edward Della Torre

Quantum entanglement is a unique physical phenomenon that arises from the correlation between two or more quantum systems. The fundamental aspects of magnon entanglement have been theoretical studied. Developing technologies that exploits quantum entanglement will have enormous applications for sensors and quantum computing. In this paper, we discuss the results of an experimental study of magnon entanglement in multilayered Co/Pd ferromagnets. We observed an entanglement between the magnons in two spatially separated Co/Pd ferromagnets. Our findings will aid in developing novel magnonic devices.

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Research Article  |   Volume 3, Issue 1 DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6508

Measurement of Coherent Undulator Radiation of Compact Terahertz Radiation Source at Kyoto University

Sikharin Suphakul, Heishun Zen, Toshiteru Kii and Hideaki Ohgaki

An accelerator based compact terahertz radiation source has been successfully developed at Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University. The system is very compact with the total length of 3.7 m. The radiations are generated by injecting a short electron bunch to a 0.7 m long 10-period planar Halbach type undulator. The radiations have a high degree of phase coherent or called coherent undulator radiation. The frequencies are tunable in the range from 0.17 to 0.55 THz. The electron source is a 1.6 cells BNL type photocathode RF gun which provides the beam with energy of 4.6 MeV.

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Research Article  |   Volume 3, Issue 1 DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6507

Study of Cherenkov Radiation from Thin Silica Aerogel

Ken ichi Nanbu, Shigeru Kashiwagi, Fujio Hinode, Toshiya Muto, Ikuro Nagasawa, Ken Takahashi, Ken Kanomata, Hidetoshi Saito, Taro Abe, Yuki Saito and Hiroyuki Hama

A beam diagnostics system employing Cherenkov radiation from a thin silica aerogel has been studied at Research Center for Electron Photon Science (ELPH), Tohoku University. We are developing a Linear Focal Cherenkov ring Camera (LFC-Camera) to observe longitudinal phase space distribution of the beam extracted from a low energy RF-gun. A thin silica aerogel plate with water-free hydro-phobic treatment is being used as Cherenkov radiator.

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Volume 3 Issue 1

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