Table 1: State of art summary.

Research team

Publication year



Stoll, Bevirt, Moore, Fredericks & Borer [19]


Drag reduction through distributed electric propulsion

·                     Solution to the low power of electric engines.

·                     Electric motors drive individual tractor propellers spaced along of wing.

·                     Lift increased at take-off and landing; drag decreased at cruise flight.

Brooks & Salgueiro [20]


Design Space Investigation for a Small Electric General Aviation Airplane

·                     Evaluation between an electrically-powered aircraft and a piston-powered aircraft.

·                     Evidence of electric engines benefits in small aircraft with short flight ranges.

Naru & German [21]


Maintenance Considerations for Electric Aircraft and Feedback from Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

·                     Identification of new and unique maintenance challenges in electric aircraft.

Bernabeo, Piancastelli, Malik, Al Azad & Yaseen [8]


Study and testing of a green trainer to transform small general aviation aircraft for training into a no-emission aerial vehicles

·                     Evidence of electric aircraft benefits for the air instruction schools.

·                     An experimental green trainer Development by a 300 hours flight program.

Brelje & Martins [18]


Electric, hybrid and turboelectric fixed-wing aircraft: A review of concepts, models, and design approaches

·                     General review of the state of art about electric, hybrid and turboelectric aircraft prototypes and concepts.

·                     Study prioritized on the engine’s power, and take-off range.

·                     Identification of future problems between the aerodynamics and propulsion.