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Featured Articles
Evaluation of Plastic Deformation in Steels with Magnetic and Acoustic Techniques

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Construction and Biological Performance of Porous Titanium Surface Nanotube Arrays

International Journal of Metallurgy and Metal Physics

ISSN: 2631-5076

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5076/9243

Test Rig Design and Preliminarily Assessment for a Transradial Socket

International Journal of Robotic Engineering

ISSN: 2631-5106

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5106/4120

Geoelectrical Parameters for the Estimation of Groundwater Potential in Fracture Aquifer at Sub- Urban Area of Abakaliki, SE Nigeria

International Journal of Earth Science and Geophysics

ISSN: 2631-5033

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5033/1831

Diabetes Chronicle Wound Analysis Using Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology

International Journal of Optics and Photonic Engineering

ISSN: 2631-5092

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5092/4521

Trim Analysis of Box Wing Aircraft

International Journal of Astronautics and Aeronautical Engineering

ISSN: 2631-5009

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5009/7530

Latest Articles

Annealing and Normalizing of AISI 1045 Steel: A Lamellae Analysis

Two heat treatments, annealing and normalizing were conducted to verify the alteration of the microstructure and corresponding mechanical properties of AISI 1045 steel. The effect

Suppression of Ambipolar Current and Analysis of RF Performance in Double Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors for Low-Power Applications

Progress in the development of low power electronics (LPEs) is reviewed by most suitable candidate named, tunneling field effect transistor popularly named Tunnel FET. TFETs devices have emerged

Fast Neutron Irradiation Embrittlement-ductilitization of an Iron-based Amorphous Alloy using In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction

In recent years, amorphous metals in the form of nanostructured protective coatings on steel substrates have received substantial consideration for applications in extreme environments comprised of neutron fluxes,

Investigation of Polymer-70% Aluminum Powder Composite

Metals and polymers permutation in order to produce polymer metals composites attain new fascination and significance to several authors. The first effort to syndicate these

Comparative Study of Some Alternatives for the Reuse of Calcareous Mud in Egypt

The first alternative was replacing the limestone (LS) used in the sintering of El-Bahareya iron ores in the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company (Hadisolb) by

Throughput Models for a Stand-Alone Vertical Lift Module

Many companies selling products through e-commerce are on the rise. Their products must be stored, picked and send. Most of them do not need huge

Iron Mineralogy in the Chinese Deserts and Mongolian Gobi: Impact for the Biogeochemical Cycle

Deserts are the major source of the dust greatly impact the biogeochemical cycles. However, quantitatively evaluating iron forms in the dust source areas is still

Spatial-Temporal Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting of Hydrotechnical Facility Displacements

Methods of applied (spatial) statistics enable the analysis of measurement data. This paper presents research methods aimed at applying geostatistics, i.e., anisotropic (directional) variogram, ordinary (block)

Varieties of Thermoluminescent Dosimeters Used in the Personnel Dosimetry Laboratory in Radiation Protection Institute in Ghana

The four element thermoluminescent dosimeters is normally used to measure doses from whole body such as Hp (10.0) and Hp (0.07), extremities and other monitoring

Analysis of Total Amino Acids in Rice Using a Validated Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method with Diode Array Detection (RP-HPLC-DAD)

Adaptable to any routine laboratory, the study presents the validation results of a simple, accurate and reliable method developed for the analysis of total amino

Dynamical Model of a Controlled Parawing for Drop Tests Trajectory Reconstruction

The work presents the first results of the research activity conducted at University of Padova to develop a remotely controlled parawing system designed to serve

Development of an Aerospike Nozzle for a High Performance Green Hybrid Propulsion (Hpghp) System for Small Satellites

The Aerospike Nozzle is well-known for altitude compensating capability; however, the aerospike also presents the advantage of a small form factor at high expansion ratios.

Mass Changes in Container with Water after the Magnets Approach with Poles Equal

Magnetism has been used by people since ancient times. In modern times, through it was possible to build devices and equipment, such as MRI,

Initial Observation of Grain Orientation Dependent Nanoindentation Hardness of Al 6061 Gas-atomized Powder

Nanoindentation emerged in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries as a repeatable, consistent, and economically viable mode of probing the mechanical behavior of small material

Linear Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control against Aircraft Actuator Failures for Wing Rock Suppression

In this paper we consider the problem of the suppression of wing rock phenomenon in presence of actuator faults. The main aim of this

Nitriding and DLC Coating of Aluminum Alloy Using High-Current Pressure-Gradient-Type Plasma Source

Aluminum alloys are beneficial for applications that require low weight because their specific gravity is approximately one-third that of steels. However, for improvement of the hardness, abrasion

Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Ferrite CoxFe3-xO4 Nanoparticles by Raman Spectroscopy and X-Ray Diffraction

As nanoscience and nanotechnology progress, new sort of magnetic nanocrystals are being created, among these paramagnetic nanomaterials, ferrite nanoparticles stand out, due to their unique fascinating properties,

Metals Doped CdS Quantum Dots: Structural, Optical and Photocatalytic Properties under Visible Light Irradiation

Cadmium sulphide quantum dots (CdS-QDs) were obtained by a precipitation method. Studies on the structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of undoped and metals (M

Effect of Mg Treatment on Inclusions of X65 Pipeline Steel

Three heats of X65 pipeline steels are produced in a factory, two of which were treated with magnesium. The characteristics of inclusions in those

Deformation Behavior of Directionally Solidified Mg-4 wt.% Zn Alloy during Hot Compression Experiment

Mg alloys have many potential applications in aerospace, automotive and portable electronic fields due to low density, good castability and high specific strength. Recently, Mg alloys have

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